Ninety percent of abscesses are the result of an acute infection in the internal glands of the anus. Complex fistulas are difficult to treat, and the surgery might be planned in several stages over a period of weeks, months or even years. Most narcotic medications prescribed are combined with Tylenol acetaminophen and you should not take additional Tylenol if you are taking a narcotic medication that already contains Tylenol. Most likely, the constant treatments with a red-hot iron had helped increase the size of the crater. Anal fistula usually occurs as a result of an infection or an abscess collection of pus in the anus. A dissolvable suture is often placed around the edge of the wound to aid healing.
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Anal fistulas

For the majority of patients, the laying open of the fistula does not involve a significant portion of the anal muscles being cut, and the loss of continence is not a risk. Anal Fistulas may increase in size, track through long areas of tissue, forge an outlet and opening into the perineum the area between the anus and the urinary opening , and become infected. No mortality occured in the present series caused by the disease itself or by its surgical treatment. The treatment should be individualized to the specific patient and incorporate factors that may increase the potential for fecal incontinence. If you are prescribed antibiotics it's important you finish the course. This procedure involves unroofing the tract, thereby connecting the internal opening within the anal canal to the external opening and creating a groove that will heal from the inside out. Mortality: No death resulting from perianal fistula itself or from the treatment was reported in the present series.
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Anal fistula - Treatment - NHS

This will vary depending on exactly what procedure you are having and your surgeon's preference. Anal incontinence, is a serious postoperative complication, resulting in psycho-social problems for the patients. There are several different procedures. The plug also has the advantage of not requiring division of the sphincter muscle. You should expect to pass faeces within one to three days, and this might be uncomfortable at first; a small amount of bleeding or discharge is also possible.
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Another type of seton may be placed during surgery and tightened over time at later office visits to eventually close the track or fistula. Usually you may shower beginning the day after surgery. The exact risks are specific to you and differ for every person, so we have not included statistics here. Even the court saw very little of him. If you have Crohn's disease or another medical condition, Mayo Clinic specialists will collaborate with your primary care doctor to form the best treatment plan. Mayo Clinic specialists use state-of-the-art imaging technology to trace the pathways of anal fistulas, including endoscopic ultrasound, fistulography, magnetic resonance imaging MRI and flexible sigmoidoscopy. Trials comparing outcome after fistula surgery with drainage of perianal abscess compared with drainage alone were included in the review.
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Anal fistula operation

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